Tuesday, 14 June, 2011

Silent flow of emotion

Silent flow of emotion

If someone wants,
To talk with someone,
Doesn’t mean selfishness is there,
May be that’s for learning,
For understanding,
The design of the divine,
How things are made,
And why?
Why the flow of energy starts?
Feelings of deep emotions burst!
Vibration of beats sings nervously!
There is a gap,
Imaginary thread binds up,
Not for making or breaking,
For rhythmic dance,
That’s universe has ever,
It’s not for me and you,
It’s for the nature true.


  1. Nice one….it’s really flow of emotion that never ends…….in every line I found musical vibration with deep thinking, I enjoyed lot after reading it ..

  2. This is not a silent flow of emotion as I think it’s something invisible or imaginary….. but somehow it flows and it flows in your poem…..